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Due to overwhelming positive response to our events and webinars, we've been inspired to start a whole series of in-depth video podcasts covering new home theater products, technology trends, industry news and more! These podcasts will feature special guests and a wide range of topics for discussion - all from The Screening Room's unique, science based (and "marketing claim skeptical") perspective.

Episode 1 - Thursday, 11/9/23
Is Physical Media Dead?

We all heard the big announcement: No more shiny discs at Best Buy after the holidays. But, what does it mean for our hobby? Is this the beginning of the end of physical media? Does it matter? Watch Bill Hunt of Digital Bits, Kris Deering of Deep Dive AV, and John Schuermann and Steve Crabb from TSRAV get into depth on these and other topics related to physical media, streaming, and how we consume our favorite content. Watch the high quality YouTube stream above, or check out the interactive Q&A session on Facebook.


  • The Best Buy announcement

  • The future of physical media

  • DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UHD Blu-ray

  • Streaming vs. physical vs. Kaleidescape?
    How different are they?

  • Kaleidescape (pros and cons)

  • Alternatives like Plex, Zappiti, R_volution

  • Viewer / listener Q&A

  • And more!

Our Special Guests:


  • Founder/Editor-in-Chief of for twenty-six years

  • Has covered every major Physical Media story from before the dawn of DVD

  • Broke the "Best Buy Getting Out of Physical Media" story nationally

  • Writer/Author, Speaker, Futurist, Film Critic & Historian

  • Regular advisor/consultant to the Home Entertainment Industry

  • Former columnist for Widescreen Review, Video Business, Video Store, Geek Monthly & more


  • Professional AV Calibration, Consulting and Education Services 

  • Over two decades of high-level Home Theater experience 

  • Consultant for some of the biggest names in the AV industry 

  • Onsite/Remote/Pre-Arrival Projector Calibration Services

  •  Former Technical Editor/Writer Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, Home Theater Magazine, and Sound and Vision Magazine 

  • 24 years working for and with the US NAVY including as an Acoustic Engineer for the Navy’s submarine acoustic health program

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