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This year at CEDIA Sony made a big splash in the projection world, finally delivering a long-rumored "4K for $5K" projector - the brand new VPL-VW285ES pictured below.



The VPL-VW285ES is a true, native 4K projector with a resolution of 4096 x 2160, 1500 lumens of light output, motorized zoom and focus, and a list price of $4999. This is essentially the same unit as last year's VPL-VW365, but with an improved lens mechanism. Sony does not specify a native contrast ratio for this piece, but most reviews put the VW285 at right around a 5000:1. If you're interested in snagging one of these out of the initial shipment, please contact us and we'll get one in for you as soon as possible! 


Going up one step in the Sony line-up gets you to the new VPL-VW385ES at $7999, available for demo at our Colorado Springs showroom. The VW385 will most likely end up as the most popular piece out of the new 2017 models. The big step up in performance over the VPL-VW285 is the addition of an automatic iris and a dramatic improvement in image contrast. Sony does not actually specify the contrast ratio on the VW285, but most reviews peg the native contrast of Sony projectors right at around 5000:1. Respectable, but going to the VW385 bumps dynamic contrast up to a much more impressive 200,000:1. The VW385 also adds lens memory to its feature set, which means that it can be paired with a Scope (2.35:1) screen for enjoying letterbox movies with an 80% larger picture and no black bars top and bottom.


Carrying over from last year's Sony lineup is the VPL-VW675ES at $14,999. This model steps up from the VW385 by increasing the light output to 1800 lumens and the dynamic contrast to 350,000:1. 

Sony VPL-VW885ES Laser 4K Projector

Perhaps making the biggest "projector splash" at CEDIA was the Sony VPL-VW885ES, a "true 4K" projector with a laser light engine at an MSRP of $24,999. At that price point, you'd expect this projector to be pretty "decked out," and you're right. As mentioned, this is a true 4K projector at 4096 x 2160 resolution, 2000 lumens of light output, a laser light engine rated at 20,000 hours of life, lens memory (for multiple aspect ratios, including 2.35:1 / Scope), 3D, plus of course support for HDR and Wide Color Gamut. Another major upgrade is in the HDMI inputs, in that they will accept a full 18 Gbps input (the VW285, 385 and 675 are limited to 10.2 Gbps inputs). Having higher bandwidth 18 Gbps inputs come in handy for gamers trying to run native 4K games at extremely high frame rates (60 fps, for example) or films shot at 60 fps such as "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk."

The Sony VPL-VW885 should start shipping in December, so please contact us for more details!

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