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The Screening Room is dedicated to bringing Hollywood home with equipment that accurately reproduces what directors, cinematographers, composers, recording artists and sound designers intended -- from inception to mastering studio. There is no better source with which to pursue that mission than Kaleidescape.


Kaleidescape is truly unlike any other playback device on the market. The files on the system are similar (but in some cases even better) than what you find on a Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. The company gets "mezzanine" files directly from the movie studios, and carefully compresses the content to work with their own hardware, resulting in the very best video and audio available to consumers.

Kaleidescape Strato and Terra Player and Servers

Speaking of hardware, Kaleidescape doesn't scrimp there, either. In fact, Kaleidescape products are some of the best and highest-quality consumer electronics on the market. Made of aircraft aluminum and built in a factory that manufactures medical-grade equipment, the hardware is beautiful and sleek.

Designed to be easy to use and navigate, the award-winning user interface is fast, slick, and polished. With the built-in store, you can search, browse, and purchase movies right from your remote control, or from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can even purchase movies while you're on the go, and your selections will be on your system ready to watch when you get back home.

The content on Kaleidescape is also special. The Kaleidescape Movie Store offers thousands of titles from nearly every studio available, many in 4K and UHD, hundreds that aren't available anyplace else. From Hollywood blockbusters to indie films, documentaries, and music concert videos. Often, new releases are available on Kaleidescape well in advance of when they become available on streaming services.

Already have a sizeable collection on disc and worried it'll cost a fortune to "re-buy" everything on Kaleidescape? No problem! The Kaleidescape Disc-to-Digital service lets you connect a USB Blu-ray Disc drive to your Strato player and "catalog" your physical library. Once they're catalogged, you can then purchase the movies on Kaleidescape, many for as little as $3-5/ea. Some can even be upgraded to 4K UHD!


Put simply, Kaleidescape offers you the quality of disc with the convenience of streaming. There's nothing else like it.


With Kaleidescape, hardware, software, and content come together to make it The Ultimate Movie Platform. It's why The Screening Room AV recommends a Kaleidescape for every single theater we design.

Interested in having a Kaleidescape reference movie playback system in your theater? Contact us today!



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