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Critically acclaimed in Hollywood and in homes.

The Screening Room is dedicated to bringing Hollywood home with equipment that accurately reproduces what directors, cinematographers, composers, recording artists and sound designers intended -- from inception to mastering studio.

But we don't just claim to offer the most accurate home theater and listening room components, we have the evidence to back it up. Many of our lines boast a pedigree in the professional audio and video post production worlds, where they can be found on mix and mastering stages around the globe. And every product line we carry is backed by solid research, science and engineering - or we simply won't sell it, period.


Based on these criteria, owner John Schuermann has hand picked every line The Screening Room offers. To learn more about why we chose a particular brand, select a product line from lists below. 

Top-Flight Audio Systems

The Screening Room proudly offers best-in-class audio from JBL, Revel, Mark Levinson, Paradigm, Anthem, Lexicon and other highly-respected brands:

JBL Synthesis


Mark Levinson


Audio Control

Storm Audio







...and more!

The Best Video Display Systems

Along with top-flight audio systems and components, The Screening Room offers the best video display systems in Hollywood and in homes including:



Stewart Filmscreen




Christie Digital

Seymour Screen Excellence



and more!

Home Theater Seating

In addition to offering the finest equipment, The Screening Room also carries a wide variety of stylish furniture for home theaters and listening rooms from Fortress Seating, Cineak, and AcousticSmart.

Design, Installation & Calibration

Accurate reproduction requires accurate room design and calibration. To ensure that your home theater or listening room reproduces what the artist intended, The Screening Room offers professional home theater and audio system design, installation and calibration services.

Our team has designed hundreds of home theaters and listening rooms, and our professional film and music backgrounds make us uniquely qualified to duplicate true cinema and concert hall experiences in your home. In addition, The Screening Room has unmatched access to top experts in the home theater, audio and video worlds to accommodate even the most challenging environments.

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