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John Schuermann

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System Design & Sales

Joel Rauer

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System Designer,
Sales Associate

Dave Carty

System Designer,
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Rex Anderson

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Sales Associate

Todd Anderson

System Designer,
Sales Associate

Mike Adams

John Schuermann, Owner 


John has been intimately involved in both the professional and consumer audio / video worlds for decades. His professional affiliations include membership in the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) where he worked to develop standards for UltraHD content and delivery, the HPA (Hollywood Post-Production Alliance), and the BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association). John has also worked closely with major Hollywood studios and consumer electronics manufacturers to add enhancements and improvements to UHD (Ultra High Definition) delivery formats and standards.


As VP of Sales and Marketing for Panamorph, John was responsible for educating A/V dealers around the world about film aspect ratios and proper display of film formats in home theater environments.

In addition, John is a home theater engineer and regular AVS Forum contributor.

Along with his audio / video experience, John is a respected film maker, composer and sound mixer / designer in his own right. In fact, he has written and recorded the film scores and sound mixes for over half a dozen independent feature films. Most recently, he created the score for, "The Creep Behind the Camera," which was chosen by Film Music Magazine as their "top soundtrack to own" for the month of September 2015. John created the sound design and full surround mix for the film as well. In addition, he is currently writing, directing, editing, mixing and scoring his own feature film, "The Gospel According to Stephenson". See the "proof of concept" trailer at StephensonMovie.com.

Joel Rauer, Operations Manager


Joel has a longstanding passion for electronics, film and audio and a lengthy history as John's right hand man and mentee. In his own words, "I love being 'the guy behind the guy,' that’s where most of the work gets done."


Joel's varied experience includes a background in fabrication and manufacturing, operations management for Panamorph and most recently, Operations Manager and Lead Installer for The Screening Room. Joel prides himself on customer satisfaction and follow through and it shows in everything he does.

When Joel's not overseeing operations or out on an install, you'll probably find him behind the wheel or under the hood of one of his many cars, out for a bike ride or traveling. He is also actively involved in the drug and alcohol recovery community, The ARC of Colorado Springs, the Humane Society, and feeding the homeless.

Bea Sarkar, Managing Director and Custom Sales


When it comes to building relationships with both business partners and customers, Bea is truly world-class.  Born in Poland, Bea has lived in Europe and Asia and boasts a masters degree in international relations from Warsaw School of Economics and an MBA from China Europe International Business School in Shanghai.


Combining her education in economics and lifelong passion for technology, her impressive work history includes IBM, Huawei and the Consulate General of Poland in Shanghai. When Bea moved to the U.S., she purchased a Screening Room theater and was so taken with our philosophy, integrity and product offerings that she went from being a customer to our biggest cheerleader! Today, she uses that enthusiasm to build brand awareness for The Screening Room.

In addition to helping customers experience Five-Star entertainment in the comfort of their homes, Bea loves literature, traveling and learning about the everyday lives of people in the places she visits. She’s a certified scuba diver and is fascinated by everything underwater, especially sea wrecks.

Dave Carty, System Designer and Sales Associate


Dave is an expert on all things A/V, having spent eight years at Panamorph as Technical Support Director where he worked with dealers all around the world to properly specify and install projectors, lenses and screens. Following his work for Panamorph, he enjoyed 3 years as a screen specifier at Screen Innovations. In addition, Dave is a graduate of Harman Academy, where he gained first-hand expert knowledge from audio industry luminaries including Dr. Floyd Toole, Kevin Voecks, and Dr. Sean Olive.


A lifelong music and record nut, Dave Carty's professional resume begins in broadcasting with 15 years as an on-air host at KCME FM.  While there he was also the station’s music librarian and a production director recording/editing promo spots and special shows as well as producing his own show about film music, “Lights, Camera, Music!”. Dave has also worked in a record store, a shop that built pipe organs, and as an actor. His many hobbies include collecting and building movie prop replicas and just about anything having to do with Darth Vader, and adding to his embarrassingly large CD collection.

Rex Anderson, System Designer and Sales Associate


Rex was destined to be an audio engineer.  His father was an electronics technician and his mother was a musician.  Rex started his career as a guitar player at an early age and played in bands for several decades.  He learned audio fundamentals at the Institute of Audio Research in New York and got a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Engineering from the University of Illinois.  He was the Director of Audio and Video Services for the School of Music there for 32 years.  He trained and supervised many employees to assist with the high volume operation. Rex worked as a recording, mixing, editing, mastering and live sound engineer.  He was responsible for equipment calibration and maintenance.  Rex has engineered thousands of recordings and produced numerous vinyl records and Compact Discs for professional artists.  He has extensive knowledge of room acoustics and experience as an audio systems designer for professional and consumer audio, recording studios, live sound systems, and home theaters. Rex manages our Las Vegas, NV by appointment showroom.

Todd Anderson, System Designer and Sales Associate


Todd grew up in a family of musicians and fell in love with music at a young age. In a quest to learn about and enjoy music to the fullest extent possible, he started collecting speakers at age 10. Throughout high school, Todd could be found behind a sound or light board whenever he could.  Continuing to utilize his knowledge and passion of the science of sound, he worked as a sound engineer in Benson Great Hall, one of the Twin Cities premier performance halls. As a bass player in bands for over 2 decades, Todd has shown an expertise about the power and purpose sound in both live and recording environments. Most recently, he has been working in various audio and video post-production environments. Combining a knowledge and love for sound done right with a love for film, Todd is the quintessential home theater nerd. 

Michael Adams, System Designer and Sales Associate


We are very sorry to report that our sales associate and good friend Michael Adams has passed away after a long and valiant battle with cancer. His profile remains here as a tribute to his legacy.

Michael Adams has been involved in audio and video for over 30 years. Along with consulting for The Screening Room, highlights of his career include Pro Audio Design for American Music Company, Pro Audio, Recording and Keyboard Department manager at ProSound Music; and branch manager at AVAD, a national A/V distributor.

In addition to his reputation as an A/V expert, Michael is also a professional musician with an impressive list of credentials. Most notably, he has worked on several film scores and recorded with various artists. He also owns and operates his own recording studio.

So whether you're interested in a home theater, audio system or control system from The Screening Room, Michael's five-star experience is sure to bring Hollywood home.

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