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JVC Projectors - 4K or not?

Before we get into listing the new projectors JVC had on display at CEDIA, let's quickly address the age old "JVC eShift vs. Sony true 4K" debate. (NOTE: excluded from this discussion is the JVC DLA-RS4500 featured in our Colorado Springs showroom, which IS a true 4K projector).

Yes, it's true that the "standard" JVC projector lineup (excluding the DLA-RS4500) does not feature "true" 4K resolution, instead it features a technology called "e-Shift" to increase visible picture detail to near 4K levels. The question is -- does JVC's eShift display as much fine picture detail as the native 4K panels of Sony projectors?

The answer is no, it does not. However, there are a few "exceptions":

  • The difference in fine detail is dependent on the source material actually being shot and mastered in true 4K (something that is actually very rare).

  • The visibility of the extra fine detail is dependent on sitting close enough to the screen to actually see the difference (usually less than 3X the picture height).

The other major area where the two major projector manufacturers compete is in picture contrast. This is where JVC not only has an advantage over the Sony, but also over every other display technology on the market (with the exception of OLED flat panels). Blacks on the JVC eShift projectors are deep and rich, much like an OLED or plasma flat panel. When shot out against other projectors on the market, a JVC projector can make the black levels on other projectors look gray in comparison.

We get the "Sony vs. JVC" question all the time, and have spent enough time around both brands that we feel qualified to discuss the subject in detail (no pun intended). If you'd like to get our first-hand thoughts on the subject, please feel free to contact us with questions.


UPDATE!!! Click here to read the results of our "Sony VPL-VW385ES vs. JVC DLA-RS640" Projector Shootout!!!

Now on to the new JVC projectors shown at CEDIA! Below is a list of upgraded features vs. previous JVC projector generations: 

  • e-shift5 4K Precision 3840 X 2160 Projected Image —Upgraded for 2018 (improved picture processing to get even more detail out of 4K images)

  • Advanced HDR (High Dynamic Range) usability with brighter, more detailed HDR content -- Upgraded for 2018 
    (essentially this is a new picture preset that allows you to prioritize brightness and HDR performance over color depth, available on the new DLA-RS540 and 640)

  • New Direct Mode with low latency -- Upgraded for 2018 Reduces gaming/PC frame delays

Here's a list of the different models, with price points and feature sets:

DLA-RS440: List Price $3999, Native Contrast Ratio 40,000:1 (dynamic 400,000:1), 18 Gbps HDMI inputs, low latency gaming mode, lens memory for multiple aspect ratios including Scope / 2.35:1 screens, 1800 lumens light output

DLA-RS540: List Price $5999, upgrades to a 130,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio (dynamic 1,300,000:1), motorized lens cover, THX certification, new HDR preset for higher brightness / improved HDR performance, 1900 lumens output

DLA-RS640: List Price $7999, features all hand-selected optics and LCOS chips, resulting in a 160,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio (dynamic 1,600,000:1) and a 2000 lumen light output, plus upgrades from the standard two-year to a three-year warranty.


Please contact us for more details!


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