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Accurate reproduction requires standardized room design and calibration. To ensure that your home theater or listening room can accurately reproduce what the artist intended, The Screening Room offers professional home theater and listening room design, installation and calibration services.

Our team has designed, calibrated and installed hundreds of home theaters and listening rooms, and our professional film and music backgrounds make us uniquely qualified to duplicate the cinema and concert hall experience in your home. We also have unmatched access to top experts in the home theater, audio and video worlds to accommodate even the most challenging environments.


Below is a list of "best in the industry" consultants and service providers we're proud to call partners:

Kris Deering, Deep Dive AV

Kris has been involved in the home theater industry for nearly two decades. He's currently a writer and technical editor for Sound and Vision magazine and he's been a writer and editor for various other publications including Home Theater magazine and Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. He's done consulting for some of the biggest names in the AV industry, offering a wide range of services including product development, product testing and training. As a calibrator, he's delivered breathtaking images and audio performance to a wide range of clients at their homes and businesses. From family rooms to showcase demonstration rooms, he'll use the best tools on the market to make your system deliver the best performance it's capable of.

Gregg Loewen, Lion AV

Gregg Loewen of Lion AV has consulted with Atlantic Technology, Outlaw Audio, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Widescreen Review, Optoma, Pioneer, JVC, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Epson, SpectraCal, Consumer Reports, and THX Ltd. He's also a THX Certified Level II Professional and an ISF instructor. Lion AV consulted extensively with THX to design the THX Video Calibration Program and Gregg is the only THX Video Instructor in the USA. Catch Gregg during one of his "calibration tours" and have him fine tune your flat panel or projector for the very best performance.

Doug Greenlee, Sound Kinetics

For those who desire the acoustics of their home theater or listening room fine-tuned to perfection, Sound Kinetics can custom tailor your room to provide the high quality acoustical experiences you crave. Using advanced computer systems and the knowledge of their highly trained experts, Sound Kinetics engineers solutions to fit a variety of complex spaces. With their professional design, skills and expertise, Sound Kinetics can retrofit or design your structure to fit the specific sound profiles your business or personal life requires including 

digitally modeling and measuring how frequencies travel within residential and commercial spaces.

Chip Moran, ISF Certified Video Calibrator

Chip Moran is a fully certified ISF calibrator located in Castle Rock Colorado who has been involved in audio and video installations and calibrations for over 15 years. Chip has the latest Calman software and calibration gear and is more than qualified to get your TV or projector dialed in for optimum performance.

Turn ordinary spaces into authentic screening & listening rooms
with professional design, installation and calibration.
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