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One of the guiding philosophies at The Screening Room is to recreate as closely as possible the specific creative intentions of filmmakers, musicians and other content providers. As a result, JBL Synthesis has become our "go-to" line when designing state-of-the-art, no compromise home theaters.

Approximately 80% of Blu-ray / UHD Blu-ray / Digital mixes, and roughly half of all high-end music recordings are mastered on JBL Pro or JBL Synthesis systems. In fact, Speakers like the JBL M2 Reference Monitor are utilized in critical mastering suites at DeLuxe Studios, Audiosmith Digital Solutions and The DiMenna Center. They've also become the mixing monitor of choice for mastering engineers including Frank Fillipetti, Kenny Mixx, Joseph MaGee and Bruce Botnick. In our view, there's no better way of ensuring that what you hear in your home theater is what was intended by the filmmakers and musicians than listening to soundtracks and music utilizing speakers and electronics derived from those used by the content creators themselves!

Engineer Bruce Botnick - JBL M2
Engineer Bruce Botnick - JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor

The best way to think of Synthesis is that it is JBL Pro adapted to home-sized spaces. JBL Synthesis was originally designed for professionals in music and movie industries wanting a "pro grade" experience in their homes. Today, Synthesis is sold as complete systems so JBL can ensure that any Synthesis system is fully calibrated to meet professional standards. In fact, JBL personnel design systems with knowledge of how the components will work together and they choose exactly the right combination of products out of their extensive lineup for each home installation.

All JBL Synthesis systems are calibrated utilizing one of three different calibration systems (ARCOS, Dirac or Optimizer) which provide state of-the-art room EQ, as well as JBL's exclusive "Sound Field Management" (SFM) and "Auto Curve Sum" (ACS). The SFM algorithm minimizes seat-to-seat variations at low frequencies, while ACS solves the challenge of achieving an ideal blend between the subwoofers and the main speakers. No other system is capable of providing a seamless transition from subs to main speakers, which is immediately audible.

The JBL Synthesis calibration process is finding its ultimate expression in the JBL SDP75 surround processor. Unlike most surround processors on the market today which max out at 11 or 16 decoded channels of Dolby Atmos audio, the JBL SDP75 will actually decode up to the full 32 channels that are part of the Dolby Atmos Home Theater Spec. Learn more about this remarkable processor here:

As Synthesis dealers, we also offer very high-end JBL models (such as the Everest and K2) that were previously only sold in exclusive regional markets, along with the studio monitors that have long been available in the pro distribution channel.

Much of the Synthesis transducer technology has roots with JBL Pro. Examples include JBL's breakthrough D2 compression transducer and its derivatives, as well as the High Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide used in the JBL Professional M2, and the JBL Synthesis models including the SCL1, SCL2, SCL3, SCL4 and the new SCL5, 6, 7 and 8. Previously, compression driver technology found in the JBL M2 Master Studio Reference Monitor required a much larger speaker than those found in homes. Today, the same M2, D2 driver technology is available as "in-wall" speakers that require no more than a 4" to 6' depth mounting space! As a result, consumers can now enjoy the very intense, "live" dynamics of a compression driver-based speaker in even the most modest-sized home theater spaces.

JBL Synthesis truly represents the best of JBL Professional technologies, fully-optimized for smaller spaces. Many professional applications occur in smaller rooms which is why JBL Synthesis is often found in Hollywood screening rooms and mixing studios. Residential Synthesis systems can be designed for rooms of any size and optimized to reproduce the same great standardized sound in home theaters and listening rooms.  


When it's time to calibrate your JBL Synthesis System, The Screening Room can literally bring Hollywood home. For example, If we design and install yourJBL Synthesis system, as an option we can have JBL techs literally come to your home and personally calibrate your system -- often the same professionals that tuned a Hollywood mixing stage the week before!

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