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Special Promotions on Top Products!

Looking for some great deals? Well, here you go - a selection of specials from some of our favorite partners.

For now, here's a list of the various sales being offered by TSRAV and some of our favorite partners.

JVC B-Stock Projectors

In our last update we told you about a very special deal we were able to offer on some B-Stock JVC projectors and the response was terrific — we sold out of everything we had!  There are very Limited Quantities available and we were able to get our hands on a few more RS2100’s — we are blowing out the few we have left, so grab them while they last!  These are B-Stock JVC projectors and come with a one year warranty from JVC - PLUS a Four Year Extended warranty from Mack Warranties at no extra charge! That’s a FIVE YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY!!


Want to see how JVC fares against projector models from Sony and Epson? If so, check out our 2022 Laser Projector Shootout!


If you're interested in purchasing any of the JVC Procision D-ILA projectors or have any questions about these projectors please contact us!


Kaleidescape Upgrade/

Buyback Program

For any of our friends who own a Kaleidesdcape system and may have been considering an upgrade to new equipment or to get more storage space there is a NEW Strato Upgrade Program:

For customers who have one or more Strato players with storage or Alto players with storage, Kaleidescape is offering a new incentive to upgrade to the newer Strato C players and receive $650 in movie store credits* for each new Strato C player purchased. The old player must be returned in order to receive credits, and it must be the original owner.

The following components qualify:

  • Strato 4K Ultra HD Movie player – 6TB, 10TB

  • Strato S 4K Ultra HD Movie player – 6TB, 12TB

  • Alto Movie player – 4TB, 6TB

Strato Upgrade Program Terms:

  • Old Strato or Alto player must be returned to Kaleidescape

  • Strato C purchases by an original Strato or Alto player owner

  • Credits equaling $650 to be applied to customer’s account after new equipment purchase and when old Strato or Alto player is received by Kaleidescape

  • Intent is to help Strato system owners optimize performance of their systems

  • All credits are movie store credit only

  • 1-year movie store credit expiry

Updated Buy-Back Program:
In order to help customers consolidate multiple servers to fewer, larger servers, we have added older Terra movie servers to our Buy-Back Program.

Customers who have the following equipment that they are no longer using will receive the corresponding movie store credit* upon returning it to Kaleidescape.

If you send us… You will get…**

M300 movie player - $300 movie credit
1U server chassis - $300 movie credit
M500 movie player - $500 movie credit
Strato S – 6TB, 12TB - $500 movie credit
Terra Movie Server (Compact) – 6TB, 12TB, 18TB, 22TB - $500 movie credit
Terra Movie Server – 24TB - $500 movie credit
Terra Movie Server Chassis - $500 movie credit
M700 disc vault - $1,000 movie credit
DV700 disc vault - $1,000 movie credit
1U+ server chassis - $1,500 movie credit
Terra Movie Server – 40TB, 48TB, 72TB, 88TB - $1,500 movie credit

**Credit is issued when old product is returned; must be in good cosmetic condition


If you're interested in purchasing Kaleidescape products or have any questions about the program, please contact us!


Farewell, Salon2

Sad…sad…sad… Just a few of the words to describe how we’re feeling here at The Screening Room since Harman International announced that they are discontinuing the Revel Salon2 —the flagship of the Revel line. I think it is fair to say that this is our favorite speaker of all time.  This is a legendary speaker has been awarded “Best of the Best at any price” more years than not over the past 13 years since it was introduced. It won our own shoot-out between the Revel Salon2 and the JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor and John’s write-up of the event is one of the most visited threads over at the AVS Forum with over 349K views.


Salon2 are normally $24,090 per pair at MSRP and Harman has discounted them to just $15,000 per pair!!


As of this morning there are 9 pairs left in Harman’s inventory and when they are gone, they are GONE.  The remaining inventory is in the Mahogany finish only (pictured above).

Over the years we have written a great deal about the Revel Ultima Salon2, the flagship of the Revel brand. It is a true 4-way speaker with three 8" Titanium inverted-cone woofers, one 6.5" Titanium cone mid-woofer, topped off with a Beryllium tweeter housed in an almost zero diffraction baffle.  Revered and used by industry professionals and enthusiasts the Salon2 is the heart of our high-end demo theater.

NOTE that we have the Salon2 speakers here for you to demo! If you're interested in these or have any questions, please contact us! But don’t wait too long!


Thanks for your message. One of our experts will contact you shortly.

We look forward to earning your business!

Revel PerformaBe
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